May flowers

We are so ready for summer over here, but enjoying a lovely spring.  Sundays are our favorites where we can take a break from our busy week of working, cleaning, etc., and hang out with, eat, take a stroll to the temple....

Aubrey and I with Bryan's Grandad and Grandmother.

Aubrey with Grandpa

 The rest of these pictures were taken by Austin.  He did a great job!  Both Ethan and Austin have been going around with some old cameras taking pictures of everything.

Here are a few pictures Austin got at Father's and Son's campout.

And it's finally here!  Let the summer begin!

Reasons to love Provo

1) Beautiful Provo River biking, running, rollerblading outing

Going under the cool is that?
2) Home of La Nay Ferme, a local farm here in Provo.  I was lucky to win this share of goods from them on Instagram!  They have cooking classes, dinners, and options to volunteer.  Check them out.

 3) New cool splash pad at Pioneer Park, as well as a new multi-million dollar Rec Center with so many things to do.

And enjoy a view of the gorgeous mountains while you're at it!

 4)  Enjoy patriotic events like this one on Memorial Day, or the more popular Freedom Festival events.

I could go on, but do I need to???  ;)

Hate saying goodbye!

Had a play date with some friends/neighbors before they moved to Washington.  We live in an area where people are always moving out and in.  So sad to say goodbye to friends, but it is nice getting to know so many great people!  We miss your sweet family Veronica!

Austin turns 6....Ninjago style!

Ethan's teacher had a baby a few weeks before school let out, so he had a substitute for the last few weeks.  I feel bad I don't remember her name now, but Austin said she was really funny!  Here they are singing to him for his birthday.

I took Austin to Costa Vida for his birthday lunch.  His favorite!

He wanted a Ninjago party this year.  We try to rotate between a friend party and family party, (It works out nicely because that way Ethan has a family party the year Austin has a friend one and I only have to plan one a year :)  Here's some of the things I did to prepare for it.

I was so busy with the games during the party I forgot to take pictures until they ate pizza!  We did a pin-the-sword on a Ninjago game, Ninjago fish, Ninjago walk, and a pinata before we ate.

My mom made this awesome cake!

Austin made a lot of friends in school this year and wanted to invite several from his class, neighborhood, and family....wish we could have had them all, but we made him narrow it down so it wouldn't be too crazy!
Austin with his funny friend, Tejas.

Austin and his friend Leondro

Austin and his buddies, Adam and Dylan.

Austin and his friend Luke.

Austin with his cousins, Rocco and Rohme.

Ethan, Austin, and friends Michael and Jayce.

More cousins.....Layla and Millie.
He loved his party and it was a success!  

Austin loves yellow, Legos, drawing, coloring, and being in his pajamas whenever he can!  He is very creative and can play for hours on his own or with Ethan.  He is good at building and engineering....just like his Grandpa Jeff who he gets his middle name from.  He has lots of energy and has a fun giggle when he laughs.  He is caring and good at sharing!  We love you Austin!
"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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