Bryan in Jerusalem

Bryan is currently in Jerusalem working on probably what will be his greatest piece of art. The topic is Christ's mortal ministry. While he is there he hopes to update his blog frequently with pictures he takes. You can go to Bryan's blog to see what he's added so far.

Easter fun!

My cousin Jenisse took some pictures of all my parent's grandkids. Two of the grandkids are missing from the group, so we did another quick picture on Easter day when we had everyone, but I don't have that picture yet. It was windy and cold, so it was a little hard to get them all to smile and to stay still. First, here's a picture of my twin sister, Tara, me, and Jenisse.

We had an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter. This picture is priceless. The youngest kids were allowed to go out first, and Ethan was pretty devastated that he wasn't in that group. You can see him crying and waiting to go out. Sad! :(
He looks happy now, but very cold!
Enjoying the yummy treats!

Temple Square

The Monday night before General Conference, my sisters and I, (and Bryan), took our kids to Temple Square to walk around and see the Visitor Center and Conference Center. My twin sister couldn't be there, but we took her two kids with us. Thanks Gina for the family picture!

The kids had fun climbing up all the stairs of the Conference Center and seeing the waterfalls. I love the expression Kyle is making in this picture. He looks so mischievous, like he's about to take off running or something. :)

Hurray for cousins!

Now that we are back in Utah, Ethan has a handful of cousins to play with, as most of my family is here. Here they are just a week or so after we moved back with Layla and Millie. Layla is about two years younger than Ethan and Millie is about two years younger than Austin. Both Ethan and Austin get along really well with Layla. She cracks me up. She is always smiling and happy and just takes charge of all the kids she plays with.

Magic Carpets

I'm not crafty in any way, but I admire people who are, and I enjoy following one of my sister's friend's blog The Creative Homemaker, who amazes me with her craftiness. :) My oldest sister, Gina, came down from Colorado for a visit and I convinced her to help me make these magic carpets that can be used for Family Home Evenings or General Conference. My sister picked up the carpet samples from Home Depot, where you can just ask if they have any expired carpet samples. Apparently everyone else must be making these too because the guy working there said he saves them for moms that come in asking for them. I had two different sizes, so I made the smaller one for Austin. I think they turned out pretty cute!

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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