School's Out for Summer!

It’s amazing how much of the day driving to and from school takes, and all that goes along with school. It’s so nice not having to wake Ethan up in the morning, and I can get most of my work done in the morning now before they even wake up. The last day of school we helped clean the classroom, and then we went over to Veteran’s Pool for a school party. Here’s Ethan with his buddies (the three amigos). It was too bright, I guess, because they are all closing their eyes! It wasn’t very warm that day, but it was still fun to be in the pool.

Austin's 4th Birthday

Austin was so excited for his birthday this year. He had his first friend party and he decided he wanted to do a fireman/fire truck theme. Before his party we let him open the present from Bryan and so he could wear it to his party -- a fireman outfit.

My mom made this cute fire truck cake with two donuts for the wheels. While everyone was making their little fire truck, Austin’s cousin, Weston, made his own design.       

We are so happy to have Austin in our family. He is a fun kid who loves playing with his brother and using his imagination. He likes to hum made-up songs and sometimes makes up songs with words. He likes to lead the singing for Family Home Evening, and also comes home from church singing the songs he’s learning in Primary. It is so fun to watch him grow, but I can’t believe he’s already four! It seems like Ethan just turned four the other day, (a couple of months before moving to California). Austin loves Spiderman, firemen, and character guys in general. He loves wearing hats and beanies, (even in the summer). He knows what he wants and is confident, but he is also shy and pretty sensitive. The other day we were at the library getting some books, and the guy that reads stories for story time had a huge puppet tarantella, and snuck it over the book shelf and scared Austin. Austin’s face turned bright red. I have never seen him so embarrassed or so red. The guy let Austin scare him with it and for the rest of the time at the library he was trying to think of something to do to scare him back. He loves avocado and will sit and eat it plain (with just a little salt). He also loves bananas. He says when he grows up he wants to be a fireman. Happy birthday Austin, We Love You!

Father and Sons

Here is Ethan and Austin leaving to go with Bryan to their first Father and Sons campout!  They had a lot of fun, and I had a very quiet and clean house for an entire day. :)

Pet at School

The other day I was going to Ethan’s school to read with kids from his class, but they had a surprise visitor and so I took a couple of pictures through the glass window in the school. Ethan’s class was learning about the parts of a horse and labeling in them in their books. One of the student’s grandparents own this horse and thought it would be fun to bring him in to see in person. Ethan is the one hiding behind the other kids, wearing a white shirt. :)

Ethan's School Jog-a-thon

Ethan’s school had a great fundraiser, a jog-a-thon! It got the kids out and moving and it was for a good cause. The fundraiser was for two things: half was to donate to the Red Cross to help in the relief of people affected by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami , and the other half was for Ethan’s school to use to buy P.E. equipment. I volunteered to help mark the tallies as the students came around and I couldn’t believe how many laps Ethan was doing. By the time it was over he had gone 3 miles! Some of it was walking, but for most of it he was running. He is very competitive and I think all the other people running around and trying to get more tallies motivated him to do more. Here’s a few pictures.......
He’s running past those older girls who are walking.....go Ethan!
Oh, that’s how he did so many laps....caught him in the act of cutting corners!

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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