Newman Family Reunion: Zion National Park 2013

My mom's mom, Carma Newman, has two girls: Charisse and Karen (my mom).  After Charisse was born she had endometriosis and the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to have anymore kids, but then my mom came a year later.  After that she really couldn't have any more, though.  From these two girls came 12 grandkids, which is how many kids my Grandma really wanted to have -five from Charisse and seven from Karen.  Of these 12 grandkids, 6 live in Utah with their families, and we get together fairly often for Christmas, Easter, etc., but we haven't had a complete reunion for almost 9 years when we all went to Moab.  Ethan was only 3 months old then!  This year my Grandma turned 80 and for her birthday she just wanted to get everyone together, so my Grandpa and Grandma planned a reunion at Zion National Park.  They rented a cabin at Clear Creek Family Ranch just east of Zion.  The cabin was called The Lodge and we had 47 people stay there!  They have 10 rooms and 9 bathrooms, and it's close to a private lake.  Everyone checked in on Tuesday, but some families came a day early to St. George to go see Mary Poppins at the Tuacahn theater.  My parents, Gina's family, and my family came up Monday and stayed at Jamie's in-law's home in St. George.  I was so used to just the main part of St. George driving through, I didn't realize there was much more to it around all that red rock!  They have a nice home in a gated community by a golf course.  Tara came early too, but they stayed at a hotel.  I took the boys to the play and Bryan stayed with Aubrey.  It was a great play and perfect weather.

My cute niece Vanessa, and nephew Mason.  They went with my Dad and did baptisms at the St. George Temple.

Connect Four is basic for Aubrey. ;)

My twin sister, Tara, holding Aubrey.  She was confused a couple of times and thought she was me.

Wade and his son Grayson playing Yahtzee.

Gina decorating for Grandma's 80th birthday celebration.

Right above our door where we slept.

Lena and Vanessa.

Sara, Jamie, and Millie


Hanging out

 Matt and Bryan


Mom and Dad

These boys love their older cousin Gavin

Vanessa playing the piano.  Too bad it was so out of tune!  She does a great job on the piano.

Tara holding Aubrey again


Singing happy birthday

Talent night.  Bennett and Grayson told some good jokes

Grandma and Grandpa

Everyone loved to be around Aubrey and wanted to hold her, but too bad she's such a Mama's girl and would cry if anyone did.  My sister Lisa was smart though, she just grabbed her and took her far enough so she wouldn't see me and then she was fine.  Tara could hold her too if I wasn't there because then she thought it was me.  In fact, Bryan was holding her outside and she reached for Tara.  hehe

That's me kayaking out in the lake

My uncle Bruce brought this golf cart for my grandparents to get around in so they could enjoy being out and seeing everyone since my Grandpa has to use a cane, but the teenage great grandkids were really enjoying driving it around and wanted to give everyone rides.

Where we stayed

 The kids had so much fun on this giant slip-and-slide.  Here's Bailey sliding down.

Bruce also brought ATV's

Kayaking and boating

Getting a ride on the golf cart.

Jamie holding Aubrey

My Dad hurt his shoulder and actually ended up needing surgery when he got home.  Bryan was sliding down on his feet on the slip and slide, then my brother-in-law Darren tried it, and then for some reason my Dad who is 60 thought it looked fun and gave it a try, but his feet were too close together and he smacked hard on his shoulder and totally broke his clavicle.

Everyone checked in Tuesday afternoon and checked out Friday morning, but on Thursday morning really early like at 3:00 a.m. all of a sudden several people were ill and you could hear toilets flushing over and over.  I got sick too.  :(  So Thursday was miserable for me and this was my view, haha.  It was a very weird thing because it seemed like it was food poisoning, but then some people got sick later on after getting home, so I don't know.  I'm just glad my boys didn't get it and had a fun time.  About 1/3rd of the group got sick.  :(

Here's my 80-year-old Grandma out kayaking!

Ethan went out on the ocean pedal kayak all by himself!  He had a blast!

Ethan and the cabin.

On the way home.  There was so much to do by the cabin that we never even went into Zion National Park other than driving through it there and back.  A lot of the Decker's went on Wednesday on several hikes and stuff, but my boys didn't want to because they were having too much fun on the slip-and-slide and at the lake, etc.  

Here are some more pictures from my cousins:

One evening we watched a slide show of pictures from us growing up and had a talent show, and then one night Jenisse planned a Minute to Win It game and the kids had a lot of fun. 

Everyone is here except for Blaine, Penny, Danny Bergman, and two of Matt's kids.

My Grandparents in the middle, my parents behind them, their 7 kids, spouses (except Danny B), and all the kids except two of Matt's.

My parents and their 7 kids.  

It was a great reunion and lots of fun! 

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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