Provo Trail Fun

This weekend has been a rainy one, but we were able to get out before the rain came back Saturday afternoon and get some exercise on the Provo trail. Bryan and I were on rollerblades, Ethan was on his bike, and Austin was in his stroller, with ME pushing of course. I really don't think I could go roller bladding without the's my support ;) We had tons of fun and were very tired afterwards! We used to roller blade the trail when we lived here before, but I probably hadn't been in over two years!

This picture is scary of me, but it's the only one I am in!

Ethan was worn out too!

My Crazy Boys

My boys thought of a clever way to use the boxes that are all over our house right now with the move. So excuse the boxes in the video, we aren't all the way moved in yet. Things to watch for: Ethan wearing goggles on his head and Austin falling over in the box at the end of the video, (don't worry, he wasn't hurt). :)

Summer + Pool = fun!

We decided to buy a cheap $10 pool for the boys to play in for the summer. Hopefully it will last all summer! They were having a blast jumping into it over and over. Here's a short clip of them jumping in.

New Place!

Well, we are officially in our new place! When we moved back to Utah from California in March, we stayed in my grandparent's basement and did some "house sitting" while they were traveling, and then we ended up staying a few months longer because we were trying to buy a house. (Thank you Grandpa and Grandma, we love you!) Buying a house didn't work out for us, though. :( The lenders are really strict now with all the economy has gone through and being self-employed doesn't help! We are going to try again next year. We found a great townhome to rent, though, and we are excited about it. The boys have a decent-sized backyard and we have two levels. It's nice being close to lots of things: the library, parks, a water park, the Provo River trail, lots of places to eat, the mall, etc.

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, before getting together with family for dinner, my Grandparents took us to a couple of cemeteries to see the graves of their parents. My Grandma brought some pictures of them so they could see what they looked like. They were quick visits since our boys are still pretty young and haven't totally learned being respectful to those that have passed on. They thought jumping from headstone to headstone was great fun! We will definitely continue this tradition and hopefully it will start to be more meaningful in the future!

Sugar-free Diet Starts Today!

Back in 2001, before I was married and before I had kids, I was successfully sugar-free. By my definition that didn't mean completely no sugar, as even bread has a little sugar, but for the most part I didn't eat sugar for well over a year. I had small-portion meals several times throughout the day with high protein to help the hypoglycemia, and the only cereal I could find back then that didn't have sugar was Shredded Wheat cereal or Shredded Wheat N' Bran. I would eat that or homemade oatmeal with fruit on top, and yes I did have milk. This diet didn't come because of wanting to lose weight or that I thought sugar was bad, but because I found out I had hypoglycemia in 2000, and my doctor scared me into thinking if I didn't shapen up my diet I would soon have diabetes. The first few weeks were tough, as I was in college and living with roomates who loved to cook desserts. After a few weeks, though, I found I didn't even crave sugar, and after a few months, the thought of dessert made me sick. I felt in control.
Now, nine years later with a husband who loves "cupcakes and candy", as his mom teases him, and two boys that love treats, I have struggled with being sugar-free. Nine years ago it was a lot easier, I just didn't buy things that tempted me. The hard thing now is I feel like I am cheating my boys of a good childhood if I don't make the occasional chocolate chip cookie. Growing up, my mom or one of my sisters would make them every Sunday.
So, the reason for this post is this: I am publically stating my goal of being sugar-free, knowing this will help me fulfil it. Starting today, June 1st, I am cutting sugar out of my life for three months (June-August). I may even go longer, but if I give myself an end date instead of saying I will cut it out forever, I think I can manage better.

Wish me luck! I will keep you posted!
"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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