School's Out For Summer!

Ethan finished his first year of school on Friday the 28th. We went over to my parents where Ethan and Austin had fun in the sun with their cousins. I just noticed Layla in the background above the slide pouting :( Also baby Rocco is on the bottom right wondering why all these big kids are in HIS pool!

We are excited for a fun (and warm) summer!

April showers brings May.......snow?

The transition to spring has been an interesting one in Utah this year. It seemed like winter was over several times and then all of the sudden there would be another snow storm. This last one was most surprising because it was May 24th, near the end of May. We woke up to snow and it didn't stop for several hours! The boys talked me into getting out their winter coats that were already packed away to build one last snowman. They had a blast, and it wasn't too bad of a storm because the very next day was in the 70's I think.....weird huh? I think that's how all winters should be, a day of snow followed by a day of sun!

My Baby's Three!

Well he turned 3 on May 14th, so as always I'm a little behind. It's weird for me to think that when Ethan turned 3, Austin was just a couple months old. We are so grateful to have Austin in our family. He is very sweet and kind. He is quick to give hugs. I love how he likes to wear just one sock around the house, and has since he was one. We all get a kick out of him calling eyebrows, "eye browns." Austin is very creative and clever. In fact, Ethan has been surprised with some of the things he's come up with and always wants to copy him.
We love you Austin!

729 days and counting...

Bryan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday, May 1st -- well we didn't really celebrate it, as he is in Jerusalem, Israel right now and I am in Utah. ;) --but we were able to iChat and see each other on our laptops. He showed me and the boys where he was staying, and he even took us out on the roof and showed us his view. I was just thinking back on how we went to New York City for our 5th anniversary and how fun it was! I was also thinking how in just two years it will be our 10th anniversary and how we better start saving our pennies so we can go somewhere fun for our 10th! Happy anniversary, Bryan! I love you! :)

Our wedding day was seriously the most perfect wedding day ever!
Freezing cold in New York City, but loving every minute of it in 2007.
Hmmm.....what can we do to top New York City for our 10th? Any suggestions?
"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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