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Bryan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday, May 1st -- well we didn't really celebrate it, as he is in Jerusalem, Israel right now and I am in Utah. ;) --but we were able to iChat and see each other on our laptops. He showed me and the boys where he was staying, and he even took us out on the roof and showed us his view. I was just thinking back on how we went to New York City for our 5th anniversary and how fun it was! I was also thinking how in just two years it will be our 10th anniversary and how we better start saving our pennies so we can go somewhere fun for our 10th! Happy anniversary, Bryan! I love you! :)

Our wedding day was seriously the most perfect wedding day ever!
Freezing cold in New York City, but loving every minute of it in 2007.
Hmmm.....what can we do to top New York City for our 10th? Any suggestions?


Anna said...

Happy Anniversary! Cody and I celebrate our 9th on Wednesday! Next year is our 10th and i think we'll go on a cruise. Cody has wanted to go for years, so maybe we'll make the effort to do that next year.

A Wink and a Smile said...

Wow, I didn't realize how long you guys would be apart from each other. Here's an idea for an anniversary, why don't you try a cruise? Sometimes you can find really good deals.

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