Pinewood Derby

Ethan, Austin, and Bryan spent a couple of days over at Grandpa Niven's workshop getting their Pinewood Derby cars ready.  Ethan is a Bear in Cub Scouts, but they let siblings and others build a car and participate for fun.

We decided on the Cub Scout Committee not to do placement awards, but to do awards like Most Creative, Most Aerodynamic, etc.  Ethan got the Sportiest award for his car.  He wanted to make a sports car because he says someday he wants a convertible sporty car.  :) Here's a short video clip.  I think on this one Austin won the race.  His is gold with a red stripe.  The kids had fun!

Fieldtrip to Hogle Zoo

I went with Austin's class on their fieldtrip to the zoo.  There were a lot of parents that came, so we only had one other kid in our group, Austin's friend Alex.  It was a lot of fun!

Exhausted and waiting to get on the bus!

Austin's 1st Grade Music Performance

Austin was lucky to get Mrs. Karlsven, the same teacher Ethan had, for 1st grade this year.  She is such a great teacher and I'm so grateful for all of her hard work as a teacher.  It seemed like we just went to Ethan's 1st grade music performance!  Here's a few pictures and a few videos from the entire 1st grade classes.  He's in the middle bottom.

He did a great job and knew all the words and actions.  He loves singing and has always made up songs since he was little.  He gets embarrassed though if he realizes someone is watching or listening to him.  :)


Cute girl getting an Easter basket at Michael's

Ready for school with the boys

Loving the park

Finally a get-together with my best friend, Kim, and her kids.  

Love the view from the 'Y'.  Glad it's no longer cold or winter so I can hike it often!

Easter morning!

Unfortunately Bryan got sick Saturday and wasn't feeling good Sunday.  He didn't make it up to my grandparents for Easter, but he was feeling a lot better in the evening so we went over to his parent's house later.  

Fun Easter craft my mom showed the kids how to make.

My dad and silly brother, Daniel.

Easter egg hunt.  Aubrey scored on lots of money!

Aubrey is screaming here and not so happy I set her down. :(

I'm so blessed to have healthy, beautiful children.

Barbara's table decorations for cute!

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and His atonement.  Because of Him I can be with my family forever.  Here's a video called Because of Him.

April Randomness

Getting our garden ready and bribing all the neighbor kids to pick up rocks-- a penny a rock :)

New Wal-Mart in Provo.  It's nice to have one in Provo, but it is pretty small and defeats the purpose for me of going to Wal-Mart normally where you can find everything you need in one store.  

Had the neighbor kids over to play so their parents could go out on a date.  Their kids are adorable.

Aubrey's favorite thing to do is take off down the sidewalk.

We realized we were way past due on taking off Austin's training wheels on his bike.   He will turn 7 in May.  With winter we don't get out on bikes much and Bryan's been really busy so far this spring.  The funny is the training wheels were kind of loose, so he really was already balancing a lot on his own.  Bryan took them off and he just took off no problem!  Probably the easiest "teaching to ride a bike moment!" 

Saratoga Springs pool

Here's a picture looking at Bryan's office and the Provo City Center Temple being built across the street.

We went with my mom, Rohme, Rocco, Layla, Weston, and Millie over to my cousin Clint's community pool in Saratoga Springs.  It's heated by hot springs all year round.  It was so nice to get in, it's so warm!  The kids had fun swimming around, as it's been a LONG time since we've gone swimming.  The weather was nice too!

My niece, Millie, Aubrey, and I.

Not on this side of the lake very often.

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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