April Randomness

Getting our garden ready and bribing all the neighbor kids to pick up rocks-- a penny a rock :)

New Wal-Mart in Provo.  It's nice to have one in Provo, but it is pretty small and defeats the purpose for me of going to Wal-Mart normally where you can find everything you need in one store.  

Had the neighbor kids over to play so their parents could go out on a date.  Their kids are adorable.

Aubrey's favorite thing to do is take off down the sidewalk.

We realized we were way past due on taking off Austin's training wheels on his bike.   He will turn 7 in May.  With winter we don't get out on bikes much and Bryan's been really busy so far this spring.  The funny is the training wheels were kind of loose, so he really was already balancing a lot on his own.  Bryan took them off and he just took off no problem!  Probably the easiest "teaching to ride a bike moment!" 


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