General Conference 2014

My boys are growing so fast!

It's become a tradition in our home to have cinnamon and/or orange rolls for general conference.  This year I decided to make homemade rolls that were healthier, but so good!  

 Austin's ABC words for conference notes
 The poster we made.

It's kind of hard to pay attention when you have someone cute like this doing her funny walk:

I love that I can listen/read the conference talks over and over on my phone.  The words of the prophet and apostles always uplift and encourage me to try better and to be a better person.  When I am feeling discouraged, and Satan is trying to speak negativity in my ear, all I have to do is read one of these talks and I feel God's love for me and His grace.  I love conference weekend!

Here's one more random pic......

Aubrey interrupting Ethan's practicing time.


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