Prince and Princess

The boys love to play with the neighbor girls.  Today they are playing a prince and princess game.   I went outside to check on them just in time to hear one of the 5-year-old girls say, "Hey Austin, when someone touches your hand that means you're in love and you're going to get married, ok?"  Austin - while wearing his knight breastplate and helmet costume and trying to stop his runny nose with his tongue reached up almost touching his nose - says "okay".  haha  Gotta love kids!


 For Labor Day we went up to Vivian Park with Bryan's parents, Jessica, and Peter, and had a BBQ.  Bryan was still in New York until that evening.

Fall just starting!

Fun team work activity for Cub Scouts

Here's a video of another team work activity.

 The clouds looked like a blanket covering the mountain!

We had a crazy rain storm that flooded a lot of basements and homes in the area.  Here's it coming down.....

Cute Aubrey....can't help but take multiple photos!

Awe!  Sweet Ethan holding Aubrey.

 My friend gave Aubrey these cute shoes for her 1st birthday!  She's so hip! ;)  Now she's just like her Daddy!

Ethan decided to run the BYU Triple Crown race that they hold every year for all the elementary kids.  He enjoys more of the sprint short runs, not the long distance, and he didn't really train for it and got a side cramp during it, but he did great and toughed it out!  I was proud he gave it a try and didn't change his mind!

 And he got to take a picture with Cosmo!

Aubrey loves riding in the car shopping carts now; she doesn't want to leave!

 Enjoying a family night up Hobble Creek Canyon.

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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