Chef of the Week

At Ethan’s school they have different “jobs”, ranging from feeding the pets, cleaning different stations, being the sous chef, and being the chef. I’m sure there are a few more. He first got to be sous chef and then this last week he moved to the chef position. He was in charge of planning the menu, shopping with me for the menu, and coming in 10 minutes early that week to prepare the snack. His menu was:

Monday - whole-grain bagels and cream cheese

Tuesday - Fruit smoothies

Wednesday - Veggies and dip (cucumbers, carrots, and jicama)

Thursday - Cheese and crackers

Friday - Bow-tie pasta noodles with butter and salt

He did a great job and enjoyed being responsible for the snack. At home he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, sticky, or wet, if possible, and I was surprised he was more willing to in his position as chef. Good job Ethan!

Boys Night Out

While I was watching the General Relief Society Meeting with my friends Jessica and Carlee, Bryan and the boys were hanging out with Jessica’s husband and kids. They went for a rollerblade/scooter ride on the Provo Trail, to Macey’s for ice cream, and then they watched this emergency helicopter land at the hospital. They were taking pictures and watching from behind the fence and the pilot let them come check it out and sit in it!

JFSB and the ducks

Last week we went on a bike ride to BYU campus, fed the ducks and explored. I saw the new JFS building for the first time -- really nice! We even ate at the Cougareat Food Court. Austin has a tricycle that has metal bars coming up the back and I can push it, he can pedal, or a little of both. So I was pushing him up this really steep incline while he’s sitting there getting a free ride and he says in a worn-out voice, “Mom, you’re making me tired.” haha We just found a pretty nice bike for $10 at a garage sale that Ethan can use now that he’s bigger, so we are going to give Austin Ethan’s old more pushing him, he’s way too big! Then as we strolled around campus it brought back college memories, and I said out loud, “This is making me miss when I went to school here.” Then Austin replied, “This is making me miss when I was a pirate!” Gotta love boys!  

I Love to See the Temple

Ethan and Austin had a primary activity up by the Provo Temple. They talked about the temple, had little packets to color and build your own temple, and walked up in groups to the temple and took their picture. Here’s Ethan with his friend and neighbor Reid. I thought I had some of the pictures Bryan took, but I guess I will have to get them later.

Deer Creek

We’ve been trying to plan with some friends all summer to go hike up to Stewart Falls, but then when we finally had it planned, Ethan hurt his foot and was limping around and definitely not up for a hike. We decided to take the kayak and standup board to Deer Creek. The kids had so much fun and we all took turns riding. I even tried Bryan’s standup board!

Cute Luke pretending to take pictures
Billy and Seth out for a ride 
Ingrid trying the standup board
My turn
"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." ~Pierce Harris
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