March 2014 - Rex E Lee Run and Girls Trip

March was a fun and busy month!  It was my turn to do Girls' Night Out for the Hale Center Theater play with my Grandma, Mom, Aunt Charisse, and Anne.  It was amazing!  The cast was terrific and their voices so incredible!

I finally ran the Rex Lee 5k run.  I've been wanting to do it for a few years, but one year I was sick and pregnant and the next was my Dad's 60th birthday where we stayed in a cabin up in Heber.  

My friend and neighbor Jessica helped me get ready for it.  It's nice to have a running partner!  It makes it go by so fast.

I told my sister Jamie about it and she decided to sign up.  Then her husband, Danny, decided to.  My brother, Jake, my Dad, and then my sister, Lisa, was in town and decided to run too!  So it was really fun having so much family.  Here Danny is at BYU pointing to his U of U hat. 

Old next door neighbors and friends also running it.

Friend Emily and I.

Bryan brought the kids to cheer me on.  It was fun seeing them and having them run along the grass as I finished the last part around the track.  

I did better than I thought I would.  My time was 26:09.  My friend Jessica was first in our age group and I ended up being 2nd, haha, funny!  I don't think there were that many runners though.  

Sister Lisa, Sister Jamie, brother Jake, me, and Dad

Me, Jessica, and Keri (another friend and neighbor)

Cutie patootie Aubrey!

Austin is a great artist! Here's his minion he made at school.

Austin at the dentist.  Not too excited to be there for his cleaning.

Hiking the Y with friends after a rain storm with heavy shoes!

Impromptu (somewhat) girls' trip.  My mom, sister Jamie, Aubrey, and I went to California to Tara's.  My mom was going to watch Bailey and Gavin and we decided to join in and make it a girls' trip.

Staying in a hotel in St. George, thanks to Dad's points from all his traveling. :)

Aubrey was a great traveler!  

Tara's beautiful home they just moved into in Aliso Viejo.

Love the beach!  Jamie and I ran up and down the stairs and on this path at Dana Point.

Aubrey's first time at the beach.  She was so funny.  She didn't want to touch the sand.

Picking up my nephew from school.  Can't believe he's so old!

This palm tree had a big leaf fall down in their back yard.  Good thing no one was sitting on that chair.  

Bailey and Gavin where such good helpers with Aubrey.

I gained like 5 pounds on this trip because of all the yummy food.  We ate out every day! 
Massage train.  Aubrey is laughing cuz it tickles.

Earthquake while we were there.  Saw things vibrating on the kitchen table.  I didn't feel it standing up, but Bailey felt it sitting down.

Hello there Minion.

Aubrey sure loves stuffed animals!

Where Bailey reads books to become one with nature.

Bailey rocking the field at soccer.

Love their church building.  It's huge.  Two chapels in this thing.
Lisa came up from San Diego to visit Sunday afternoon.  We had dinner, took some pics, and went for a walk.  Just missing two sisters, Gina and twin sister Tara, whose house we were at.  She came home that night and is in the next pic.

Saying goodbye.  Aubrey loved Gavin!

Fun, Fun, Trip!  Thanks Barbara for helping with the boys so I could go! <3 font="" nbsp="">


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