New Place!

Well, we are officially in our new place! When we moved back to Utah from California in March, we stayed in my grandparent's basement and did some "house sitting" while they were traveling, and then we ended up staying a few months longer because we were trying to buy a house. (Thank you Grandpa and Grandma, we love you!) Buying a house didn't work out for us, though. :( The lenders are really strict now with all the economy has gone through and being self-employed doesn't help! We are going to try again next year. We found a great townhome to rent, though, and we are excited about it. The boys have a decent-sized backyard and we have two levels. It's nice being close to lots of things: the library, parks, a water park, the Provo River trail, lots of places to eat, the mall, etc.


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