I'd Love To Jar!

As much fun as summer can be, there are also the not-so-fun and getting-too-often fights, arguments, and teasing that I really can't stand!  I saw the bottom two ideas on the internet and thought I'd give them a try....  The first one was funny one time, but they didn't get a kick out of it the next time.  The idea is of a getting along shirt.  When they fight or are having problems getting along you put them in a big shirt until they get along.  This was some shirt I grabbed of Bryan's.  The one on the internet was more official with the words printed on it.  Ethan looks like he's making the best out of it and fixing his goggles.  Austin doesn't look too happy with me here. :)  Although I think before this picture he was laughing.

The other idea I saw was making an "I'd Love to Jar".  Again, the one on the internet was all fancy and cute, but I just grabbed an empty vase and taped words on it, and instead of pretty colorful balls which I've been meaning to pick up all summer, we've just been using cotton balls.  The idea of this is to motivate your kids to do their chores, or whatever you ask them to do happily without complaining.  If they respond with "I'd love to", and then follow through, you add a cotton ball to the jar.  Then once the jar is full they get a reward of some kind.  The first time we went to get ice cream at Macey's, but their favorite reward is going to the $1 store.  This has been good for me as well because it reminds me to ask them nicely to do something rather than order them to. :)


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