Ethan's School Jog-a-thon

Ethan’s school had a great fundraiser, a jog-a-thon! It got the kids out and moving and it was for a good cause. The fundraiser was for two things: half was to donate to the Red Cross to help in the relief of people affected by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami , and the other half was for Ethan’s school to use to buy P.E. equipment. I volunteered to help mark the tallies as the students came around and I couldn’t believe how many laps Ethan was doing. By the time it was over he had gone 3 miles! Some of it was walking, but for most of it he was running. He is very competitive and I think all the other people running around and trying to get more tallies motivated him to do more. Here’s a few pictures.......
He’s running past those older girls who are walking.....go Ethan!
Oh, that’s how he did so many laps....caught him in the act of cutting corners!


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