Month of June

Summer is flying by!  Here's some of the things we've been doing in June.  

Went to story time at the library (only once because it was too busy). During the summer they have it outside under a canopy and you can eat your lunch. Before that they have craft activities for the theme for the week, which is the reason for the Indian hats and tribal mask.

Helped watch a neighbor boy while the mom had some health problems. Ethan and Austin were such good babysitters and loved taking care of him.

Hiked up to the Y first with just Bryan and I and another couple, and then Ethan and Austin really wanted to go after they knew we had been up there. It was very slow going and HOT when we went, but they are so proud to tell other people that they’ve sat on the “Y”. I used to hike up the Timp. cave trail with my sisters and mom for exercise, but it isn’t very close, so I decided to hike up the Y every other Saturday with friends and neighbors...whoever will go with me. Any takers? I probably have been 6 times this summer, and hopefully will get several more in before it gets cold!

Went with Jessica, Barbara, Grandmother, and Laurel to look at wedding dressings for Jessica.  I only had my iPhone to take these indoor shots, so they don't do her justice.  She looked gorgeous in every single one! 

Got ready for the 4th of July with these cool Old Navy shirts.....

And here's a video of Austin and his cousin Layla singing, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home".


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