Halloween Celebrations

Austin had a Halloween program the Thursday before Halloween at his preschool. It was so cute to see all the preschool kids come out in their costumes dancing to “Ghostbusters”. Here is a short video clip of him doing his turns during their parade.

Austin dressed up as Peter Pan for his school program, but then the day of Halloween he wore three other costumes. First to Ethan’s school he dressed up as Beethoven when we took Ethan to school. Then when we came back to get him he dressed up as a fireman. Then right before we went out trick-or-treating he said he wanted to be a missionary. He is so funny! 

On Halloween day Ethan started a new school. He was going to a Montessori charter school last year and the first few months of this year, but because of several issues he was having to deal with in the classroom, need for more structure, and his learning style we switched him to a public school. It’s not our boundary school, but still pretty close, and a lot closer than where we were driving every day. He went half day after their lunch for the Halloween parade and party. I thought it would be a good way to start off the school for him. He went dressed as Harry Potter. He didn’t want to wear a white shirt and tie to school underneath his robe, but I think seeing kids at school who were also dressed as Harry Potter made him want to later that night for trick-or-treating. He is doing great in school. His teacher is really organized and structured with their classroom time. I am very happy with the change and it really was a blessing how it all worked out just right and at the right time. 

We took the boys trick-or-treating a little bit at the mall, and then in a nicer neighborhood up the street from us. They were tired pretty quick, which is always fine by me...I don’t like them having so much candy!  Happy Halloween!


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