Happy Halloween

This year's festivities started with a Halloween parade at school-

Austin came up with his costume on his own from things he bought at the Dollar Store.  He had a lot of choices for costumes this year from hand-me downs and some of his costumes that still fit him, but he chose to go with this ensemble as a Ninja.  He couldn't wear a mask to school or bring nunchucks, so that was added later after school.

Ethan had a hard time deciding what to be.  He was Harry Potter two years in a row, so he was ready for something new. He wanted to be the green ninja from Ninjago, but I told him we couldn't spend that much on a costume.  He's been saving his money and could have bought it himself or donated some for us to buy the rest of it, but he's been real good at saving and doesn't want to spend a dime. I reminded him of all the spy stuff he has from previous birthdays and suggested he be a spy kid.  So here's Ethan as a spy kid-

It's hard to see all his gadgets from this view, but he has a spy watch that really sends him on 'missions' which he got for his birthday last year, spy glasses, and a spy badge.

Aubrey dressed up in a costume that Jamie had, a butterfly.  After the parade we ran into my friend Jessica and so we took pictures of Aubrey and Brady together.

Bryan helped his sister, Jessica, at the rehab/senior center she works at by drawing sketches for the kids and residents at their Halloween party.  Then we went to his parents for some yummy Papa Murphy's pizza.  We went trick or treating around their neighborhood, a little more than last year, but not too much more, which I'm fine with them not wanting to go too long since it means less candy!  :)

We then came back to Jeff and Barbara's and watched Monsters University.  Peter and Jessica were also there enjoying the evening.  Happy Halloween!


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