June Fun

Bryan was so busy finishing up the images for Hale Center Theater that he wasn't able to go to the play with me, so I took Austin.  He needed some Mommy time so it worked out great, especially because he LOVES Peter Pan.  He was nervous at first when we got there and didn't know what to expect with Hook, but he soon was laughing and loving it and wanted to be just like Peter Pan.  They did a wonderful job.  

Splash pad fun at the park on Center Street, Provo.

Aubrey trying to decide if she likes the splash pad. :)

Scout Fun Day.  They did things like the three-legged race, tug of war, and a huge twister.  It was fun, but Ethan doesn't really like these kind of activities.  He liked tug of war, but nothing else.  

One of our nice neighbors held a fun chemistry science camp class for two weeks, twice a week for free!  The boys learned about atoms, the periodic table and the chemical elements.  She taught them a concept and then they would do an activity.  They did rockets, magic tricks, made atoms, and learned about the rainbow and about colors.  So fun!  Here's a cool song by They Might Be Giants about the elements.  Meet the Elements

Aubrey enjoying the pool and then the park.

Aubrey dressed up for Flag day.

Bryan went to Colorado for a photo shoot, so we went up to Alpine to visit my grandparents, the kids' Great Grandpa and Grandma Newman.

Love this mountain view

Ethan's been trying out my old roller blades.  We went down the Junior High's track and he held onto Aubrey's trailer while I rode us around.  He can go without holding on, but it was more for fun.

Brady's older brother, Adam, who loves to make Aubrey laugh.  They are playing ring around the roses.

Went to the park with some neighbor friends.

We had a surprise BBQ party for Barbara's 60th.  

Hanging out with Grandpa

Chasing Aubrey

Aubrey slow dancing to some music.

Another trip to the duck pond, this time with the boys and their friend Nash.

Aubrey was in heaven with the BYU stairs.  She absolutely loves climbing stairs.

This is our weekly routine of walking to church.  Can't help but take a picture each time. :)

Up at my Dad's for Sunday dinner.  My mom was out of town to Tara's.

Finally got Ethan's tire fixed so we went on a bike ride on the Provo trail and stopped at the skate park on the way.

And by the tree swing and river.

Had the sweet sister missionaries over for breakfast, Sister Jensen and Sister Lani.  Aubrey loved them.  Sister Lani sat next to Aubrey for breakfast and kept helping her while I was getting things ready.

The BYU Bean Museum was closed for about two years, I think, while they did some reconstruction, so we all went as a family to check it out.  It was pretty cool.  Things were pretty crowded in there before, so they had more room to spread it out.

I know these are all practically the same picture, but she's making different faces in each one and they are all so cute!

I love this hair piece and I tried to snap a picture before Aubrey yanked it off!  It's so cute, I wish she would keep it on.

Aubrey and her cute pigtails.  

Bryan and another neighbor dad, Thomas, have been building a dam over at the river.  They left a little area open so they could ride the kayak down it.  We went back just one week later and the rise in temperature made the water level go down so much in just one week!

Here's a few videos of the fun-


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