Moving Day

On the morning of our moving day we woke up to pouring rain. Our prayers were answered, though, and during the hour and a half that we had many great volunteers from our ward to help us load the boxes into the truck, we had no rain!
While Bryan was getting the tarp set up, I ran with the boys to the store to get some rain ponchos, (just in case), a plastic cover for my queen bed, when I realized the other package didn't come with two like the twin package did, and some donuts for our helpers. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came back and there were about 20 helpers, AND they were just finishing up! I missed the entire move! It took them only an hour to load everything, even though we were on the top floor of a third story apartment, and there are four flights of stairs to get to the top! Bryan said they made a line-up on the stairs and just passed the boxes along. Thank you Camarillo 5th ward, you're amazing!!

Bryan's dad using his engineer skills to pack the truck just right! Thanks Jeff!

This is how it looked when I walked in after returning from the store! It's empty!

Trying to entertain the boys while we cleaned the place, with the help of my amazing mother-in-law! Thanks Barbara!


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