4th of July festivities

These pictures are all out of order, but are from our 4th of July activities. It's been three years since we celebrated 4th of July in Utah, and the first time where it was just our little family. We went to the balloon fest twice (Saturday and Monday), because the first time it was too windy for the balloons to go up. Monday was perfect weather for the balloons and we were glad we got up early to go back. After the balloons we went to the parade and sat with Kami and Jared Pollock, which you can check out their blog if you want to see more pictures of the parade. It was fun to live so close that we could walk to everything and didn't have to worry about any traffic!

I put this picture on Facebook of Ethan and Austin playing together, but I wanted to squeeze it in somewhere on my blog too. I love it when they play nice and are buddies!
Everybody cheered loudly for the missionaries in the parade!

The boys waiting for their McDonald's breakfast

We found a spot on some grass across from the hospital to watch the fireworks.

Here's one last picture to document that I was there, since I'm usually taking the pictures and not in them.
It was a FUN 4th of July!


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