Back to School

It was hard to get back to reality after a long vacation, but Ethan started school on Monday, August 31st, so we were kind of forced back into a routine. Ethan went to kindergarten last year in Camarillo at a charter school that we absolutely loved and were sad to leave. When we moved back to Utah in March, we stayed in Alpine for a few months before moving into our townhome in Provo. He finished off the year at a public elementary, which seemed like a great school, but Ethan didn’t have the same sweet and gentle teacher like he had in Camarillo. It was hard for him to adjust and be on the same page as the other students that had already spent six months in the class. He is also one of the youngest in his grades because of when his birthday falls. So, for those reasons and a few others, we decided to have him start fresh with kindergarten at his new school. He is in another charter school and we are hoping it will be a good fit for him. They are a hands-on school that use the Montessori Method. They also have smaller class sizes than regular schools. His class has 24 students; the one in Camarillo only had 20.


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