Fieldtrip Fun

On November 5, Ethan got to go to the Scera Theatre to see a play about a dragon. I didn’t take any pictures, but had to share Ethan’s conversation with the girls in our carpool. The teacher asked us to drive two girls who are identical twins. They look so much alike, and they are adorable. Ethan is usually pretty quiet until he warms up and gets to know you -then he doesn’t stop talking! I was surprised as we got into the car and the first thing he said out loud was, “I’m so lucky, I get to sit next to a pretty girl!” The girl blushed and smiled and from then on the conversation was just hilarious. I wish I had recorded it! On our way back from the play and dropping the girls off, the girl sitting next to him exclaimed, “I’m going to remember this day forever.” Then she told him when she grows up she is going to marry him, (she’s only five)! They got kind of silly and started saying all the people/things they were going to marry, and then Ethan said to them, “Well I’m going to marry both of you!” Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was so funny. The next day the mother of those two girls came up to me and told me that last night at dinner her daughter told the whole family, “Today I met my prince.” So now every time Ethan sees these girls they smile at him; they even smile at me and are excited to see me because I’m Ethan’s mom. Too funny!


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