Thanksgiving Feast x 2

I had two yummy Thanksgiving Feasts this year. At Ethan’s school they had a Thanksgiving Feast and all the parents brought different foods, and it truly was a feast. There was so much yummy grub! Before the feast the kids made either a Pilgrim or Indian hat and then the teacher laid out big rolls of paper where they drew their own placemat area. Here’s Ethan’s in the middle.  He's been drawing that face a lot lately.

On Thanksgiving day we went up to my Grandpa & Grandma Newman’s house. This picture is one my cousin Jenisse took in October for my Grandpa’s 80th birthday. (Hope you don’t mind I borrowed it Jenisse :)

Our family was the only representation from the Jorgensen side, but a lot of my cousins, the Decker’s, were there. It was fun to visit, and of course, so yummy! I have had Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandpa & Grandma Newman’s so much growing up, that all the yummy food brought back good memories of old times. My parents went down to visit Tara & Matt and stayed with Gavin & Bailey for a few days while Tara & Matt had some time to themselves. My brother Jake also went down with them. My other sister who lives in Utah, Jamie, went down to visit their in-laws in St. George, who are on a mission there. My mom is usually the one who makes all the pies, so I volunteered to bring some. I made two pumpkin pies, a sour cream apple, and then I ended up buying a pecan pie because I ran out of time. Sadly, the only picture I have from that day is on my iPhone, and it’s of all the kids when they were being silly, and of course is a little blurry as well.

I’m glad my cousin Clint had his kids there, otherwise my boys would have been the only kids. It’s much funner with cousins! Or third cousins I think! They had fun after dinner playing hide-and-seek.


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