February 2012

February in pictures.....

Jeff and Barbara's home!

February was not a good month for me!  I started getting morning sickness that kept getting worse and worse.  So this is all the effort I made on Valentine's day, heart-shaped pancakes. :)

My mom had planned to go down to Tara's and watch her kids while she and Matt went out of town, so she let me and the boys come along.  It was fun, especially for the boys.  They love Gavin and Bailey and miss them being in Utah.  I didn't feel well during the trip, but it was nice to kind of get my mind off of it.

California landscaping automatically makes it prettier!  Why doesn't Utah care about their community landscaping?

Enjoying tennis on the Wii with Gavin

Austin was a big helper and helped my mom wash her car
Mom talking to Dad on our bike ride
Gavin at a tennis lesson

Bailey taking a break during her soccer game.  She does great!
Thank you Gavin for convincing Ethan it is much cooler to tuck your shirt in and wear a tie! :)

Lisa and Jesse came up from San Diego on Sunday for dinner and to visit.   

 More California scenery and beauty on our walk and at the beach.......

 And Austin's cool Duplo skate park he made......


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