March 2012

March in pictures and video.......

Austin's preschool is such a nice looking school.  It seriously looks like a boutique.  These are the decorations they put up for Dr. Seuss week.
Ethan with his Dr. Seuss hat.
I thought this was so funny.  I think we had watched our wedding video one Sunday afternoon and then I saw this on the side of the fridge.

Austin had a preschool program in March that was adorable!
A little Jazz dancing
Here are a few videos of Austin singing and dancing in the program.  Sorry they are kind of long!

Barbara and Jessica ran the Rex Lee 5k and wore these on the back in honor of Bryan and the cancer he's gone through.  Peter ran the 10k.  I want to do this next year when I'm not pregnant!

 Ethan also had a singing program at his school this month.


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