April 2012

April in pictures and videos.....

Yay for Spring!

My cousin Jenisse got married April 5th in the Manti Temple; the same place where my Grandpa and Grandma Newman were married.  I feel bad because the morning of the wedding there was snow and it ended up being very windy and cold, but the next day for their reception was nice.

 Easter morning......

We made some funny eggs this year!  We found glow-in-the-dark alien stickers!

 On our way to my parents we stopped at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to show the boys where Mommy and Daddy were married almost 10 years ago!
Building a tower
Playing by the river with friend Grace

I've been wanting to check out the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake.  I went with my mom and we went to the City Center and also to the Children's Church History Museum where they have interactive stuff for kids to play with.
Having the missionaries over for dinner. :)
Austin loves to dress up.

For Bryan's birthday Bryan and I went kayaking down the Jordan River in Lehi.  It's a nice wide river that runs for so long!  I was getting worn out.  I have been so tired this pregnancy and feel like I can't do as much as I could with the other ones!

 Enjoying an afternoon at BYU with the pretty tulips....

 And eating at the Cannon Center......

At the top of the Y.  I hiked up to the Y about 12 times before the doctor recommended I take it easy the rest of my pregnancy.  It's such a pretty view in the morning.

I've seriously had a salad almost every single day of this pregnancy!  She better enjoy salad because my boys don't! :)

 Ethan's school had a 5k and one mile run fundraiser.  Ethan and Bryan did the one mile for fun.


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