Checking a 'To Do' Off My List

Last week I had a piano recital for my students to finish off the school year. I don't start my summer schedule until the 1st week of June, so that gives me a few weeks off, which means more time to get things done from my list of things to do before I have a baby. :) Our family spent the weekend sick, so today was my first day of really getting anything done. During the school year we have a drawer for each of our boys and we stick everything from school in there until school's over and we can go through and decide what to keep and what to throw away. So today I spent some time going through their stacks and putting the keep items in a binder. For Ethan I already had one for his preschool and Kindergarten, but I added a side label of the year and teacher. I know it's not much, but it always feels good to get a little more organized!
Next on the list, going through the boys' room and all their clutter, stuff, and clothes!! Wish me luck!! One of my kids has a hoarding problem!!!


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