April 2013

It's so hard to get to the temple after having a baby, and it was SO nice to be able to go!  I love Mt. Timpanogos Temple!  Back in the day when it was finished being built, I was able to attend the open house and dedication, as well as sing in a choir at the open house and volunteered and was assigned as a greater.  Also, in my young women group at the time it was being built, we got to write our goals or testimony and put them in time capsules that were put underneath it, or somewhere, I'm not totally sure where they were placed.  Then I also went through the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for my endowments and I also got married here!  It was a beautiful spring day!

Always fun, and it catches me off guard, to see Bryan's work on billboards when we're driving down the freeway.

Great view from the Y with my friend Veronica.

Love when the sun starts to light up the lake.

Ready for General Conference with our Conference crowns!

Aubrey at 7 months

Happy birthday to Bryan

Attempted family picture on Easter


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