March 2013

 One Sunday in March, the boys decided to make a "hair fixing shop".  They worked on my hair for a long time!  I love the second picture where Austin drew what their shop could do to fix someone's hair that is sticking up all over. :)

Love this sweet girl!

Austin's creation and Aubrey already looking up to her brother

Ethan getting ready all by himself without being asked.  What an obedient and responsible son he is!

My mom wanted to do something special for my Dad's 60th birthday.  She rented a cabin up in the Heber area.  It had snowed the night before, though, and it was a little scary getting up to this cabin because it was up some very snow-covered, steep, and slippery roads.  We attempted the first big snow-iced road in our Honda and immediately started to slide.  So we turned around and waited for my Dad and Danny (my brother-in-law) to come back and give us a ride up.  Besides the scary drive there and back, it was a fun little get-away!

Ethan's music/dance program at school

The boys wanted to try and hike the Y with me.  I was going with a friend who brought her son (who they are friends with....Ingrid and Billy).  She was 5 months pregnant though and decided to turn around because of early contractions and didn't want to risk it. I was hoping the boys would make it to the top, but they wanted to stop at turn 6.  I'm hoping they want to attempt it again in the fall!

Easter egg coloring


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