February 2013

February in pictures..... (and a few words).

Pretty dress from my sister's mother-in-law and family friend, Jill.

Proud of my little Wolf Cub Scout getting awards

Wearing brother's glasses

Watching cousin Mason play basketball

Good meat!

My amazing mother-in-law's birthday dinner for me!  

Austin's big cheek, hard to tell from this pic, but we think it happened at school.  (It's now the end of July so my memory isn't very good!)

Valentine's breakfast for my Valentine

Aubrey at 5 months!

Valentine's dinner for all my Valentines

Ethan's first cavity filling.  He was so anxious the dentist gave him some laughing gas to help calm him down!  He did great after that!

Playing with cousins after the dentist (Rohme and Rocco)


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