During the boys Christmas break and between sicknesses, Bryan took them sledding a few times.  Here's one of his pics from that.....

Then when both my sisters were visiting a bunch of my family went sledding together.  Tara's kids came, but Matt and Tara were up visiting his parents and brother.

Gina and Kyle
Gina met Aubrey for the first time!

Vanessa and Bailey

Ethan and Kyle

Rohme and Austin

Bailey making a snow angel

Bailey pretending an ice block fell on her

Gavin throwing snowballs at the little kids :)

Rohme eating the snow

hahaha....look at Rocco's mouth stuffed with snow!

My Mom and Dad 
It's hard to see, but Bailey formed her name out of the snow!!!

Vanessa and Aubrey.  Their birthdays are one day apart.

Can't put my arms down!


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