Riding the Frontrunner

The frontrunner train now runs I think from Ogden all the way to Provo.  They have plans to go farther in the future.  

Picture Credit: UTA

Bryan used to take the bus all the way to Salt Lake when he worked down at Apple in the Gateway Mall.  I can't remember if it was called the express, but he didn't have any stops from Provo all the way to Gateway; it was all heated with nice cushioned seats, and it had free internet.  He really enjoyed it.  He thought it would be fun to ride on the frontrunner and I suggested we go see the lights at Temple Square.  Bryan's parents and Jessica and Peter also wanted to do it so we decided to go together kind of last minute.  By the time I got the kids ready to go and met Bryan and his family at the station in Provo, the train was pulling away :(    Bryan waited for me and we took the next train to meet them downtown at the food court at City Creek.  The boys had fun and it was neat to look out and see Christmas lights like the ones at Thanksgiving Point.  I want to try it again sometime in the daytime so I can see out the window.

It was really cold, though, and we were trying to keep Aubrey warm and happy.  Because I was in a hurry I didn't think to grab her snowsuit, although she had several layers, so Bryan put her in his coat.  She wasn't too happy after a while and I tried to feed her in the tabernacle, but I don't know if she wasn't feeling well or what because she either spit up tons or threw up and wouldn't be consoled, and that's definitely not like Aubrey.  She is usually always content and happy, and stops crying if someone holds her; so maybe she wasn't feeling well.  It was embarrassing because I wasn't going to take her out in the cold, but I was trying to rock her and get her to stop crying in the tabernacle where everyone else was whispering and being quiet and the missionaries were trying to answer peoples' questions.  My face was definitely red!  This isn't my picture, but this shows people waiting for the train.  After a certain time in the evening it doesn't come as often and we had to wait a good 30-40 minutes for the ride back.  Thank goodness they had outdoor heaters!  We learned what we need to plan for when we do it again.  It was a lot of fun!


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