Thanksgiving 2012

This year we had Thanksgiving at Bryan's parents.  The first Thanksgiving in their new home!  It ended up just being his parents and our family, as both Bryan's brothers are in the Navy: Brent was in training out East and Jason is in Afghanistan, and Jessica and Peter went to California to be with Peter's family.  Barbara always makes everything look so nice.  I always say she is like Martha Stewart, but nicer. :)

This wasn't Thanksgiving, but I just thought it was funny
that Austin fell asleep  on the top of the couch.

One of these rolls is not like the other!
I caught Austin leaving the kitchen
with a guilty smile on his face.  He totally
poked at this roll that was supposed
to be rising. That kid is a
mischievous one!
Lovely Thanksgiving table

Aubrey slept through the whole dinner, but
Austin made sure she wasn't forgotten and
put her name tag on her car seat :)

Relaxing after dinner in their cozy room.  They
had their tree and lights up, but the tree
wasn't decorated yet.....I should have gotten
one with the pretty decorations at Christmas!
Thanksgiving was great and I have a lot to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my immediate family and extended family.  They are everything to me.  I am thankful for the Gospel and to be a member of Jesus Christ's church on earth.  I am thankful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation.; that Jesus Christ, our eldest brother, came to earth and died for all mankind, that when we make mistakes we can repent and work towards being more like Him; that we have the chance to take the sacrament weekly and renew the covenants made at baptism and be forgiven daily for our sins.  It is a plan of happiness, and if followed can bring greater joy than anything on earth.   I am thankful to live in America and for the freedoms we enjoy.  I am thankful for health, especially when I've been sick and get better again!  I am thankful for a home to stay warm in and food to eat.  I am thankful for life and for the lessons I learn as I grow older.


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