Long Overdue Birth Story

We've been enjoying, and adjusting to, having a new baby in our home, and I haven't had time to update my blog!  The only reason I have time today is because she's asleep and we are actually caught up with the work load for my medical transcription job, and there's no work for me to do today on New Year's!  

I was dilated to about a 5 for several weeks and getting very uncomfortable.  The doctor's office let me schedule the delivery, which I did for Friday, September 14, mostly because it was right before the weekend and Bryan would be home more and not as busy with school and work.  They told me, though, that I wasn't first priority and whoever came into the hospital actually in labor would be a higher priority, even though we tentatively planned on going in early in the morning.  When I called in the morning they told me they were pretty busy right then and to call back in an hour if I hadn't heard anything.  I called back and they said that if I hurried and came in right then they would squeeze me in and there should be a room available.  

Once I was checked in and they gave me a little Pitocin everything happened really fast.  They gave me an epidural right away, and it was going to be the same guy that gave me one when I had Ethan eight years ago.  He's a really nice guy from Alpine that's worked there forever, but then for some reason a guy that recently transferred from a hospital in Arizona showed up.  He has been administering epidurals for a long time, but only in the OR when patient's were knocked out or something and he was totally nervous and shaking because someone had to watch him and he had to do a certain amount of epidurals on awake patients before he could do them independently.  So he didn't do that great a job on his first attempt and had to do it again and I was really bummed it wasn't the other guy.  He didn't give me enough of the meds either and I was feeling a lot of pain and contractions until they finally got the meds hooked to my IV and let me control the dosage.  They tell you that you can't overdose so I pushed the button probably a few too many times because I was afraid of the pain I was feeling and that it could get worse.  With Ethan I seriously only had to push two times and he was out because he was so tiny.  Austin was I think four pushes, and Aubrey was maybe one more.  It always amazes me when you first hear the cry of your baby as they take their first breath and what a miracle it is that a live being was actually just inside of me.  What a miracle birth is!  How can anyone not believe in God!?  

I had been going to a clinic where you rotate doctors and you don't know who will be on call when you deliver.  I really liked Dr. Brian Woolsey the best, who is in our ward, but I wasn't sure how I felt about having him deliver our baby because I would see him every Sunday; and of course he was the one on call that day!  It actually was a great delivery and I'm glad he delivered Aubrey. He did a great job and it's not awkward at all.  

Like I said in the quick post in the hospital, Aubrey was born at 12:50 p.m. weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 19 inches long.  She was bigger than both the boys!  She had a little bent nose, I think from being down so low for a while, just like Austin.  Austin's was a little bit more prominent and took longer to go straight than Aubrey's.  Hers went back to normal pretty much on its own within a month.  

I'm so thankful for my mother-in-law who helped with the boys while I was at the hospital and took them to school and picked them up from school for an entire week, and for my mom who took the boys up to her house in Alpine for an entire day to play with Rohme and Rocco.  What would I do without such great family?

Here's some pictures of Aubrey from her first few weeks of life.......


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