Lighting at the Riverwoods

We went to this a few years ago and it wasn't crowded like it was this year.  This year it was packed!  We thought it was cold, but now when I'm writing this it is really cold, like 1 degree!! It was fun seeing all the lights come on.  They did a count down from 10.  We avoided Santa because Austin was afraid to even see him.  We went to Blickenstaff's toy store, watched the ice carvers, watched the horse-drawn carriage rides, which we didn't ride this year, but did a few years ago, which I posted back here.    We also walked by the Provo Beach Resort which is crazy to see people in the window in their swimsuits boogie boarding and surfing when we are freezing outside in our coats.....I can't even imagine doing that in the winter!  
Here's a few pics, but it was night time so my iPhone didn't get the best pictures.....

Crazy talented ice carving right here!


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