More Aubrey

I can't believe I have three kids!  Life is speeding up and keeps getting faster.  I remember with Ethan the days seemed long because I was no longer working a full-time job and I was at home all of a sudden with a baby.  I was sometimes bored at home and didn't know what to do to keep him entertained.  Then with two the baby months went faster and with me trying to get Ethan to be soft when touching Austin and with them growing to be buddies that played together.  Now with three kids, two in school, and working on the side, the days seem to fly by!  Since Austin is in kindergarten and Ethan is in 2nd grade I am going to the school three times a day for dropping off and picking up, nursing all the time, (feels like it), and trying to find time to work and clean.  Here are more pictures of cute Aubrey in October......


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