Aubrey and School Mile Run

Aubrey is getting so big!  She was 18 months in March!  Time is going a lot faster with her than I remember with my two boys.  

All the neighbors were out playing one day and Aubrey loved this car.  Brady tried to give her a push, hahaha.  So cute!

The boys have a 5k fundraiser every year at their school.  The boys and I ran the 1 mile and I pushed Aubrey in the stroller.  Bryan had his big photo shoot for Hale Theater the entire day of the race so he couldn't come.  I stayed with Austin and Ethan ran ahead.  Austin wanted to walk for a while, but near the end when he saw some girls from his class, he took off again, ha!  He didn't want them to pass him up. :)

I love seeing the boys help their sister.  She's lucky to have two older brothers to watch over her.  So sweet.


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