Austin turns 7!

We flew in from New York late Tuesday night and Austin's birthday was the next day.  We do friend parties on even years and family parties on odd years, so I didn't think much about arranging a get together before our trip, and we ended up just inviting whoever could come at the last minute for his birthday, but first we took him to IHOP for breakfast.  He actually went to an hour of school first because he didn't want to miss his birthday crown and then we checked him and Ethan out.  

Austin is a boy filled with lots of energy.  When he gets an idea of how to create something, he does it quickly and with determination.  He has come up with lots of clever creations out of things around the house or with Legos that even his older brother and I am impressed with!  He can be very caring and sharing, especially when he knows someone feels sad.  He is confident and doesn't appear sensitive, but he is a pretty sensitive kid.  We love him and are so happy to have him in our family.  Happy birthday Austin!  We love you! 


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