Fourth of July 2014

This year's 4th was a blast!  

But first here's a picture of Aubrey reading a book in the car. :)

First we headed over to see the balloons.  We walked of course because it's nice and close! One of the nice things about living in Provo.

We got an even better show of the balloons at our house.  A couple landed at the park just down the street, and one landed right in front of the church where our ward Scouts do a 4th of July breakfast every year.

Here's Aubrey's pouty face where she tries to keep it in.  She's jealous Brady has the bubbles. ;)

Our friends/neighbors rented this huge blow up bounce house/slide, and we ended up putting it by our house since they don't have a yard right now, and there's a lot of room for everyone to run around and play.  We had a huge neighbor/block party - so much fun!

One of the many times Bryan's hackey sack has gone on the roof.  It's been a summer routine now playing hackey sack in the evening with all the neighbor dads that will play with him ;)

My friend Jessica brought water balloons and we played some water tossing games.  This was also lots of fun, almost more for the adults than kids, ha!

Jessica's husband Greg is always trying to get Aubrey to look at him, because she gets shy and will avoid eye contact.  It took awhile for her to warm up, but when she sat on this bike, he pulled her around and then she liked him.  His son Brady was trying to help push-he's so cute!  They are just 6 days apart!

Water slide fun!

We had three BBQ's set up behind the slide where there was a little shade since it was SO HOT, and everyone brought their own meat and a dish to share.  We are going to have to make this a tradition it was so fun!  We also did our own fireworks and could pretty much see the ones from the stadium of fire as well.  We (Bryan, all his siblings, and spouses), all got Bryan's parents tickets to go to the Stadium of Fire for their birthday.  They had Carrie Underwood this year, and Studio C (BYU comedy show).  We had a slight scare with one of the fireworks that was defective and instead of going up went out.  It actually lit some bushes on fire next to our house, but thank goodness we have a power hose and all the men got it out quickly!  It scared some of the little kids, especially Austin and our friend's daughter Alana.  They were saying how much they hate fireworks and they never want to see them again! ;)  We have such an awesome neighborhood full of great families!


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