Halloween 2014

For Halloween the kids and I went to their old school Westridge to watch the Halloween parade.  The boys had fun seeing a few of their school friends.  One of Austin's friends, Alex, was so excited to see him he kept yelling his name.  It made them kind of miss school, since we are homeschooling, but just their friends and nothing else. ;)  We also went to the trunk or treat at our church parking lot.  It was funny to see Aubrey's reaction to trick-or-treating.  I helped her hold out her bucket as someone dropped in candy, and the look of pure excitement as she started to realize it was for her, and that if she continued to hold out her bucket to each car we visited she would get more candy.  She was holding out her bucket to everyone!  Then Bryan and Thomas took around Ethan, Austin, Thomas, and Alana to do some more trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  Bryan was riding his penny farthing and somehow tweaked his back and they had to come home.  He pulled something pretty bad and couldn't move very well for a few days!  


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