Summer Fun

I am a little slow at getting this up, but here are a few of the fun things we did this summer.

Ethan turned 5 in July and got this Tony Hawk bike for his birthday.

I think this next picture is hilarious. From the left is Gavin, Bailey, Austin, and Ethan. Gavin and Bailey are my twin sister's kids. They live in Utah and came for a visit in August. Bailey is making a peace sign with her fingers and Austin is trying to figure something out with his. ;)

Ethan surprised me on this next one. I didn't think he would want to try the zip line, but he didn't want to stop!
Days at the beach.......
Fun rides in Bryan's kayak....

Pirate Days
at Channel Islands Harbor

Santa Barbara Natural Museum
Butterfly Exhibit

with Kami, Ian, and Quintin

Ian and Ethan

Wings Over Camarillo
It started out to be very windy, but not for long. We had fun watching all the planes.


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