This is Halloween......

Bryan decided the kids were old enough (?) to watch "Nightmare Before Christmas", (his personal favorite Halloween show), and now both of them have been marching around singing, "This is Halloween, This is Halloween...." I should have got that on camera. Anyway, we had a fun Halloween.

This pumpkin was the one Ethan picked from the pumpkin patch for his school field trip, and he let Daddy carve it for him.

Last year Ethan was Buzz and Austin was Spiderman. This year Ethan was able to reuse his costume and Austin dressed up as Woody.

Ethan is trying to show Austin how to push his "power buttons." The fun of having boys......everything is about superheroes and pushing their power buttons.
This next one cracks me up......for some reason Austin is holding his hat in a way that reminds me of some musical where the cowboy is singing to his lady. And Austin loves to sing!

These next two are from Ethan's Halloween party and parade at school.


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