Sugar-free Diet Starts Today!

Back in 2001, before I was married and before I had kids, I was successfully sugar-free. By my definition that didn't mean completely no sugar, as even bread has a little sugar, but for the most part I didn't eat sugar for well over a year. I had small-portion meals several times throughout the day with high protein to help the hypoglycemia, and the only cereal I could find back then that didn't have sugar was Shredded Wheat cereal or Shredded Wheat N' Bran. I would eat that or homemade oatmeal with fruit on top, and yes I did have milk. This diet didn't come because of wanting to lose weight or that I thought sugar was bad, but because I found out I had hypoglycemia in 2000, and my doctor scared me into thinking if I didn't shapen up my diet I would soon have diabetes. The first few weeks were tough, as I was in college and living with roomates who loved to cook desserts. After a few weeks, though, I found I didn't even crave sugar, and after a few months, the thought of dessert made me sick. I felt in control.
Now, nine years later with a husband who loves "cupcakes and candy", as his mom teases him, and two boys that love treats, I have struggled with being sugar-free. Nine years ago it was a lot easier, I just didn't buy things that tempted me. The hard thing now is I feel like I am cheating my boys of a good childhood if I don't make the occasional chocolate chip cookie. Growing up, my mom or one of my sisters would make them every Sunday.
So, the reason for this post is this: I am publically stating my goal of being sugar-free, knowing this will help me fulfil it. Starting today, June 1st, I am cutting sugar out of my life for three months (June-August). I may even go longer, but if I give myself an end date instead of saying I will cut it out forever, I think I can manage better.

Wish me luck! I will keep you posted!


A Wink and a Smile said...

I went on a sugar-free diet, but that's because I did want to lose weight, because my eating sugar was really out of control. I did it for almost a year, the same way you are doing it. I felt so much better physically. I think even my allergies got better, my periods were better and I never had cramps. Then I went into the MTC, and have been eating weets ever since.

Elise N Black said...

Good luck Tami!! I have no doubt you'll do it! Inspires me as well... I wonder.....

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