Fieldtrip to Timp Lodge

Ethan had a fieldtrip up at Timp. Lodge, so we got to go and enjoy the beautiful mountains again! It sure is a pretty time of year. The older elementary grades put on a carnival for the K-1 grades. They had face painting, marshmallow eating from a string, fishing, treasure hunting, tug-a-war, and more. When we first got there they got to pick things they wanted to eat for lunch and put it in a big brown bag and then we ate outside.

Ethan’s friend, Seth, found a fuzzy caterpillar that he carried around everywhere and was sad to give up later. Ethan stood in line a LONG time to get his face painted and was so excited to look like Spiderman. When he came home he even put a Spiderman costume on. Too bad it wasn’t Halloween, he was all ready! We are excited for his next TWO fieldtrips in October: leaf hunting and then to Corn Bellies.



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