Kids Sing the Darndest Things

Ethan had his picture day at school already. He looked so handsome I decided to take a picture of him and Austin in front of our house. I picked out a new shirt for Ethan for picture day at Target the other day. Ethan was at school, but Austin was with me. Austin was so funny. He wanted to get out of the cart and he went over where I had just picked Ethan’s shirt and picked out a really cute one for himself. I couldn’t resist. :) So now they both have a new shirt.

I also have to post this cute video of Austin singing. He loves singing. He will sit and hum real loudly and also make up his own songs. I think it’s funny, though, that if you try to sing along he gets mad at you. He also gets really upset sometimes when I turn the radio on. He would rather have it quiet --probably so it won’t stifle his creativity and so that he can be the center of attention. On this particular video, Austin has been singing for a long time before I started recording, and finally at the end of this clip, Ethan has had enough and says in an annoyed and silly voice, “Good song......PLEASE STOP!”



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