Arete Gymnastics

The other day we went to Areté Gymnastics. They have one play hour during the week where they open it to the public to come in and play on their equipment. I’ve been wanting to sign Ethan up for gymnastics, but every time I bring it up he says, “No, I’m shy. I just want to do it around the house.” :) He seriously does gymnastics all over the house and that’s why I’ve been wanting him to try it! I’m hoping that since he had so much fun here, he might want to try it. My next step is to take him to just watch a class. Everything has to be baby steps with him, so we’ll see. I really want to bring Bryan here and see what he can do, since he did gymnastics for like 10 years. The boys had a blast, especially in the foam pit. Here’s a few videos and pics of our fun time.
The little girl in pink is Austin’s friend, Grace. It’s my friends daughter and they get along pretty well. They sit and read stories together at Grace’s house and sing made-up songs. Ethan kept jumping into the foam pit over and over. They were really sad when the hour was up and it was time to go. Here’s me with the boys, and my friend Ingrid with her kids. There was so much chalk in the air the pictures didn't turn out that great, and I think my camera isn't working properly anymore.....or I just don't know how to take pictures! :)


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