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Bryan just had an art piece he did, advertising Dynalite equipment (one of his sponsors), published in the February 2011 issue of PDN Magazine, which is the premier photography magazine in the U.S. This is just an image shot with an iPhone of the spread, (page 28). You can find this magazine at any major bookstore, like Barnes & Noble or Borders. I don’t think he’s posted this picture to his blog, but some of the behind the scenes are here. This was quite the production shot because they flew him to Harlem, New York, for the backdrop, and the people were shot in studio here in Utah.  Two of the people in this image are my dad, one is Bryan's Aunt, and the others are models.

And here is the silly cover of the magazine so you can find it when you go to the bookstore. Just look for the guy wearing ballet shorts, at least I think (and hope) he is!


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