Austin's a Sunbeam!

I realized I haven’t been taking very many photos of me with the kids, (and for some reason I thought when I was sick and hadn’t showered for three days would be an opportune time)....ha! ha! Anyway, Austin is getting so grown up and is now in Sunbeam class at church! The first week wasn’t so bad because Bryan and I were asked to substitute his class, but last week I stayed with him for the first hour during Sharing Time. I then told him I had to leave when he went to his small class, though, because I had to play the piano in Relief Society. He started crying and did not want me to leave, and wanted to come with me. So I had to hand him over to the teacher to make my escape. All through nursery I had to hand him to one of the nursery teachers so I could leave, and a few minutes later he would be fine. I am hoping today when we go to church, and with a bribery of Tic Tacs, he will go to the entire thing himself. What a cute boy he is!


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